Yes! I have assistant photographers available to my brides for their wedding day. Currently, this is an add-on expense but promise it will be well worth it! Please notify me asap so I can arrange to have one for your wedding. Not sure if you need one? Let’s chat! Usually by finding out what is most important to you along with your timeline, I can suggest if one is needed or not. 


Is having a second photographer an option with you?

Heck yes I do! I shoot with two cameras and enough extra gear for any situation. I then backup all your images into 3 locations. Once images are delivered I do keep images in one spot + your gallery for 1 year from the date of delivery. It is very important to download ALL images right away after I deliver them and will be your responsibility after the year is up. 


Do you carry extra gear and keep multiple copies of our wedding photos?

Yes! I really do LOVE being with my couples all day to capture the full love story and tell it from start to finish but understand that I may not be in everyones budget. If you seriously are in love with my work and would like me apart of your big day, let me know and I'd love to create something custom for you. When it comes to longer hours, let's chat! 


Do you offer longer or shorter hours than your common packages?

If I am with you for longer than 8 hours, Yes! A meal/seat is required.
If your venue requires that vendors sit in a different room please keep this in mind for when speeches start or other moments that may be missed due to us eating in a different room/area. 


Do we need to reserve a seat for you at the reception?

My clients trust in me enough to let me have creative control. Shoot lists (other than the family photo combos) hinders my creativity and takes up too much time trying to recreate other peoples moments. Let's face it... this is YOUR day and although photos we see online are freaking awesome, lets make you your OWN images that all be amazing! Plus, its never fun to copy someone else's work ;)


Can we provide you with a "shoot list" for our session or wedding day?

The way the images are delivered are final. I do listen to what my clients are looking for but do edit in the best way that fits the image. Please let me know if there is something specific you are looking for (black and white/ horizontal image to match others in the home) so I can plan to achieve this in our time together.


Can we get our images in black & white and color?

For lifestyle/engagement sessions, I do my best to turn around images with in 2 weeks. In the busy season (Aug-Oct) times may be extended a week. Wedding images are delivered between 6-8 weeks. If I am running behind for any reason, I promise to keep you in the loop! Know that I take a lot of pride in each image and make each one look its best.


About how long is the turn around time for getting images back?

I thought you'd never ask! I seriously LOVE the connections I have with my brides, couples. families or anyone on the other side of my camera. When we have a connection, I feel that I can capture who you TRUELY are because I understand or know WHO you are. It also helps you get comfortable when it comes time for photos. So yes, lets get tacos, margs, drinks, coffee - you name it - I'd love to! 


Can we be friends and go out for tacos?!